Striven All-In-One ERP

For small and medium sized businesses looking for an affordable and practical solution to staying competitive and profitable, all-in-one business management software is the answer.

All-in-one business management software handles data better than separate applications, documents, or spreadsheets. The simple reason. With all business functions connected information flows freely throughout the system. This way, information flows freely throughout your organization—no matter how big or small.

All-in-one business management software defines an intuitive and integrated platform that houses all the core features and functionalities that a small business needs to achieve sustained growth and success.

The essence of what all-in-one business management software is three core values that yield one key outcome:Connectivity, organization, and efficiency leads to profitability.

The core features that compose an all-in-one business management software are:

  • Accounting
  • CRM and Sales
  • Operations
  • HR
  • Project Management
  • Task Management
  • Productivity Tracking
  • Inventory Management
  • Remote Work Capabilities
  • Document Management

While there are software products that claim to be all-in-one solutions for small businesses, the reality is quite different. Typical software products configured today as a comprehensive business management software, are cobbled together with systems that have been acquired or adapted.

Most notably for small businesses, maintaining a haphazard arrangement of software systems is time consuming, expensive, and inefficient. Despite the needs of the average small business differing from large scale enterprises, the questions that business owners have about software solutions stay mostly the same:

  • “Will I be able to virtually connect with my employees, subcontractors, customers, and vendors?
  • “Will I have a system of record with access to all of the data I need?
  • “Will I be able to customize and automate workflows and other processes?”
  • “Will I have a clear and all-encompassing picture of my finances?”

All-in-one and ERP software are not the same thing—and the difference really matters for a small business that is looking to streamline operations while staying under-budget. Below, we will discuss four key areas where these two types of software differ.

There are telltale signs that indicate it is time for your small business to make a software upgrade. Tell-tale signs are subtle, but others are obvious, but all of them require an introspective look inside your business’s processes.

  1. When You are Currently Growing
  2. When Customer Relationships Need More Attention
  3. When Making “Educated Guesses”?
  4. When Tedious Tasks Eat Up Your Day
  5. When You are Spending Too Much on IT Systems
  6. When You Need to Double Down on Regulatory Compliance
  7. When You Need to Back Up Your Data
  8. When Working Remotely Isn’t Efficient?
  9. When You are Unsure of Your Employees’ Day-To-Day Schedules
  10. When You Can Tell Your Employees Are Stressed

Benefits Of All-In-One Business Management Software

No small business is alike. Products, customers, strategies, and everything in between all vary to certain extents depending on your industry specific needs.

What all small businesses have in common, however, is the environment in which they operate. The world is becoming increasingly digital, synchronized, and competitive—small businesses are no exception to this rule. Enlisting the right all-in-one business management software for your business will help you stay ahead of the curve.

Here are the most crucial and consequential ways that all-in-one business management software can provide a tangible benefit to your business operations.

  1. Automated Workflows
  2. Eliminate Need for Internal IT Expertise
  3. Save Money (Not Just on Software)
  4. Scalability
  5. Enhanced Security and Threat Prevention
  6. Better Document Management
  7. Smarter Business Decisions
  8. Better Hiring Processes
  9. Continuous and Custom Software Development
  10. Better Relationship with Customers/Vendors

The value of all-in-one business management software—no matter the industry—boils down to one key phrase:Connectivity, organization, and efficiency leads to profitability.

If your small business is looking for solutions to disorganization, disconnectedness, or inefficiency, it is time to explore the benefits of all-in-one business management software.

Call an Onpoint Profit Solutions representative for a brief review on how this is of benefit to your small business.

Mobile, MOTO, Online, Retail, B2B

Today’s business can’t compete without the ability to accept payments where their customers are shopping, while on their Mobile Phone, Tablet, iPad, Android, iPhone, PC, Laptop and Online! And customers want to know that their PERSONAL DATA is secure while being processed!


Improve cash flow by accepting credit cards where your customers are shopping, with personalized login and usage credentials. It’s EASY! And SAFE!


Accept payments over the phone securely with a Virtual Terminal. Easy to use an nothing to download. Simply Login and you are ready to take payments or even setup recurring payments to meet customer demands. That Easy! And SAFE!


Today’s retail has never been under more pressure from HUGE online retailers and BIG BOX stores. To compete? Your business needs software solutions that meet today’s demands and yet scalable for tomorrow’s unknowns. We integrate with many of the leading technology SaaS products and standalone POS Systems on the market today, like the above award-winning Vital products. Those include Vital POS, Mynt, Aloha, Revel, Micros, Linga, and 100’s more.

Many platforms of POS, like above, are developing multi-platform or SaaS that works everywhere such as the Vital Platform figurations above. Vital® gives you reliable, easy-to-use tools to help you be more efficient and find ways to run your business better. No matter what size your business, there’s a Vital point of sale solution that can help you be more efficient and make smarter business decisions. Vital will help you get set up, train you and provide live support 24/7 whenever you need it.

After an assessment of needs for an upgrade in POS or NEW Business startup POS, we’ll provide multiple options that fulfill those needs. Many competitors of ours are trying to fit SQUARE PEGS into ROUND HOLES, just to reach a desired sales goal or bonused product commissions.

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HotSauce™ Table Service solution helps you deliver exceptional customer service and increase sales by integrating all of the features you need most into one easy, reliable, and powerful system. Our user-friendly interface will ensure order accuracy and reduce training costs, eliminating waste and improving the efficiency of your operations.

With hundreds of different features HotSauce™ Table Service can be configured and customized to fit your restaurant’s unique needs.


HotSauce™ Fast Bar was developed with bar owners, bar managers and bartenders to ensure the simplest and fastest order entry process of any Bar POS system. HotSauce™ Fast Bar will help you increase profits through the many distinguishing features that complement the fast pace of your business operations.


HotSauce™ Express is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to manage your delivery, carryout, and catering services. Integrated with HotSauce™ Table Service or HotSauce™ Quick Service, HotSauce™ Express can keep track of important customer information such as addresses, phone numbers, order history, and unique customer requests. Whether your employees are answering phones, working the counter, preparing orders, or expediting deliveries, the intuitive POS screens are tailored to prompt them through their specific tasks quickly and accurately.

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HOTSAUCE™ Inventory Management Solution

HotSauce™ Inventory Management is a value-added solution that helps you improve profitability by:

  • controlling food and liquor costs
  • real time inventory management
  • tracking margins and
  • Identifying theft and waste.

With our Business Intelligence Inventory Reports you will be able to identify problem areas, which items are popular, better understand sales and margins, compare theoretical inventory with inventory on hand.

How it works?

The initial phase of setting up the inventory system involves loading the recipes, menu items, products and vendors. Each time a vendor delivers food or alcohol you simply need to enter the invoice for the purchased products. As the products are sold and consumed, the inventory is depleted in real time. Once a physical count of the inventory is performed and entered into the system, you will be able to run various Inventory Reports that will help you to manage your business efficiently and effectively and to make informed business decisions.

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HotSauce™ Mission Control

HotSauce™ Mission Control provides you with a centralized location for accessing all your REAL TIME reporting, labor scheduling and inventory needs, giving you more control over your business.

Users of HotSauce™ Mission Control Solution, such as corporate executives, accountants, district managers or store managers, can instantly analyze single store information or perform comparative analysis across multiple locations – all without redundant, error-prone manual data entry. Some of the features include:

  • Multi-unit polling
  • Daily sales reporting
  • Labor reporting
  • Inventory reporting
  • Custom report creator
  • Void/Comp/Discount management
  • Internal emails for management
  • Task manager
  • Drill-down analysis
  • Easy to view graphs
  • Different security levels for managers and directors.
  • Comparative reports to track and compare different stores
  • Management Alerts to highlight exceptions and abnormal events
  • QuickBooks Integration
  • Track sales trends by location or territories

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HotSauce™ Labor Scheduling

Looking for a powerful, yet easy to use employee scheduling solution?

Our employee scheduling tools provide the simplicity of a spreadsheet, the look of Gantt bar schedules, the speed of drag and drop, the power of labor and sales forecast data, and the intelligence of real-time business rule conflicts and overtime alerts in a single display window.

  • Send schedules via text messages or email
  • Spend less time on scheduling tasks
  • Set features that allow employees to swap shifts, change availability and request time off pending manager approval

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      HotSauce™ Database Vault

      Your POS data is some of the most important information to your business. From accounting to planning/analysis, the valuable information housed in your POS system is critical to any restaurant operation. Any loss of database information is not only costly, but also time-consuming to rebuild. Unfortunately, the reality is that most customers will not manually spend the time to back up a copy of their database every day.

      HotSauce™ Database Vault was designed to give our customers an automated, low cost solution for protecting their valuable POS database. Essentially, once we set it up, Database Vault’s double authenticated redundant backup* will automatically backup your critical information daily. This cloud-based technology will ensure that a duplicate copy of your information is always safe and off-site. In addition, unlike other backup services, with the HotSauce™ Database Vault, your backup database will be checked periodically to ensure data quality. Best of all, everything completely automated, so you don’t have to do anything.

      So what are you waiting for? Call us now to start protecting your valuable data.

      * HotSauce™ Database Vault automatically backs up to dual locations (on-site and in the cloud) to ensure the ultimate accessibility and peace of mind for our customers.

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Your CUSTOMERS are shopping anytime and everywhere, and your business needs to be where they shop as well. Improve sales with a shopping cart on your website or incorporate Online Ordering. Easy Setup! Convenient to use for customers to pay for your products. Have a shopping cart in mind and want to know if we can integrate with it?

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Streamline your service business to save time, money and headaches as you expand. Vonigo optimizes every step in the service delivery process from customer requests all the way through – to invoicing, payments and the next visit. Vonigo is flexible enough to fit the way you do business today. Every customer is different, so Vonigo works directly with you to configure Vonigo to their specific business needs. It’s why Vonigo has one of the industry’s top customer retention rates.

Manage your service business every step of the service delivery process with intuitive, cloud-based and mobile suite of business applications. Gain valuable insight into customers and sales to increase close rates and drive more business without more investment. Insights to every detail of the process concerning Clients, Jobs, Scheduling, Invoicing, Payments, Quoting, Reporting and Inventory.

The Service process made simple, is an end-to-end flow of your service business to ensure your team won’t skip a beat with all the information they need at their fingertips throughout the customer experience. Never miss a client or opportunity because it all takes place in one package concerning Dispatch, Notifications, On-Screen Signatures, History, Pricing, Taxes, Mapping, Library of images-photos-videos and User Directories-Managed User Access.

Increase revenue and conversions with Vonigo’s industry leading online booking engine that brings your business to your customers even before you personally visit them. By offering customers the ability to make a buying decision as soon as they find your business online, you’ll significantly increase your revenues and drive new business without additional sales reps. With an online booking engine directly coupled to your website and schedule, Vonigo allows your customers not only to book jobs or estimates, but book at a time that’s convenient for them and available on your schedule.

Frictionless growth for your service company by putting the technology and processes in place needed to scale your business to the next level. Vonigo reduces inefficient processes and potential for human error that exists in any growing service business. With equally complete support for single-location businesses, multi-location enterprises, and franchises, Vonigo allows you to define how locations and territories are managed as you expand into new regions.

No Contract, cancel anytime Unparalleled support Easy to use.

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Differentiating yourself by enhancing your customer’s buying experience can go a long way toward winning their long term devotion. HotSauce™ Gift Card and Guest Loyalty Solutions are valuable marketing tools that help you differentiate your business and increase retention, frequency, spending and acquisition rates of your customers.

The Gift Card Solution is an effective way to attract new customers and stimulate sales while increasing your restaurant recognition. Adding convenience and excitement to customer spending and gift giving can differentiate your restaurant from the competition. Some of the features include:

  • No Additional Hardware
  • No Transaction Fees
  • Seamless Integration with your HotSauce™ POS system
  • Customized to display your logo and contact information
  • Real Time authorization
  • Purchase HotSauce™ compatible gift cards from almost any dealer
  • Use HotSauce Gift Cards in multiple units with internet authorization
  • Web based reporting

Motivate customers to visit more frequently and spend more at each visit with a loyalty program powered by HotSauce™ Technologies. Encouraging your customers to repeatedly choose you over the competition is a challenge that many restaurants face. Some of the features include:

  • Discount Cards – provide a discount to the customer every time they visit your establishment.
  • Points System – track certain menu items that can have points associated with them.
  • Dollar System – track dollar amounts for every visit and reward the customer with money back in the form of a gift card
  • Reward System – track custom rewards by points or selected menu items. Once criteria for a reward are met, the reward you’ve determined will print on a custom receipt.

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VEND POS – 5 reasons 25,000+ retailers love Vend

Vend does the hard in retail so you can do more of what matters. See why leading retailers have made the move to the world’s best point of sale retail platform.

Advanced tools, simple enough for everyone to use

Access the best technology for your business. Vend’s software is fast, intuitive and designed for modern retail. It’s easy for your team to use and works across iPad, Mac or PC with popular hardware. Vend’s best-in-class product and inventory features with powerful reporting insights help you make smarter, more profitable decisions, whether you have one store or twenty.

Grow and scale your business with ease

Take the pain out of growing your retail business. Vend is fast and inexpensive to scale, so you can get set up and selling in no time – and add new staff, registers, sales channels and locations in just one click. Vend is continually adding and further developing features, so your business stays at the front of retail without installation hassles or extra fees.

Do more with best-in-class partner integrations

Vend integrates and works seamlessly with other world-leading retail tools so you can use the products you already love. Our open platform was built on the internet so it’s simple to connect your other systems like ecommerce, payments or accounting, and to develop your own custom extensions on our API. With preferred partnerships or deep integrations with Xero, Square, Shopify, Apple and many others, it’s easy for you to extend the power of Vend.

Rely on real people, here to help you succeed

As a proud four-time winner for Customer Service at the Stevie Awards, we‘re a company built on our customers’ success. Our support team come from retail backgrounds, so they appreciate the daily challenges you face. Our growing team of more than 200 are ready to help in your time zone with major support hubs in Auckland, Toronto, London and Melbourne.

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BookingCenter’s Property Management System

BookingCenter Property Management System is the most affordable and comprehensive property booking, management, and marketing solution offered to the hospitality industry.

Whether a single property, or a group of properties, make day–to–day running of your business easy. We seamlessly connect our distribution network of over 600,000 travel agents and OTA travel sites — enabling you to manage your inventory and pricing effortlessly. Manually or using automated Yield Pricing tools.

And, with our marketing intelligence products, we help you analyze where your bookings come from, so you know where to focus your future marketing efforts.

BookingCenter provides features like: Access and Manage Individual properties, Separate banking or payment gateways, Unique personalization of logos, marketing profiles, and folios, and allows for business rules consistent – or different – across all of the properties you own.

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Onpoint Payment Gateway

Our customer needs come FIRST!

Easy Setup, Easy to Use payment gateway that is agnostic and can be used by over 150+ credit card Processors. Available to any merchant of Processor in such a need. Onpoint Payment Gateway can integrate directly with over 170+ different shopping carts. This includes the many we all know: Cart 32, 3dcart, BigCommerce, Magneto, WIX, WordPress, WooCommerce, Easy Cart, Zen Cart, Spreedly. For listing to see if your cart is listed, click for PDF here.

Pricing: No Setup Fee! $25.00 a month and $0.15 per transaction.

Volume rate available. PDF of Listing, that customer can click on all 170+ shopping carts

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Easy Setup for your gateway needs. Safe and secure connection with all the features you need available. CIM, Security and so much more.

Pricing: NO Setup Fee! $25.00 per month and $0.20 per transaction.

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