Focused outcomes our customers enjoy?
Is growth of family, employees, friends, community, and oneself!.

Scalable Software eliminates using outdated, unconnected, or limited software that inhibits your growth, decision-making ability, and workforce productivity.

Empowering People is helping people. Because your business is only as good as the people who work for you. When their abilities match future job outcomes, you create a culture that is as positive as it is productive.

Seamless Communication in a connected company can do things your competition cannot. Across all sections of your business employees work better, think faster, make more informed decisions. Whether in the field, remotely, and in the office, immediate employee communication and feedback wherever they are makes employees happier because the way they work is more important than the tasks on their list.

Efficient Software Integration removes the problems caused by unconnected or legacy software, which are not improving or helping your organization. All-In-One ERP software empowers your efforts to meet challenges, from the biggest functional issues to the smallest details, and create solutions for speed, efficiency, and accuracy. Superior single business management software used by all departments of your business is the difference in your productivity. This is true for all industries served. Whether your business is Manufacturing, Restaurant, Field Services, IT Services, Construction/Contracting, Professional Services, Retail/E-commerce, Logistics/Distribution, B2B, B2C. You benefit every day when your need today and the future fulfilled.

Business Analytics utilizes the BIG DATA from your business, your business surroundings, the competitors around you, and the shared experiences of your customers. The insights unique to your business and the customers who enter your door will provides your customer’s thoughts, allows your employees to make operational changes to improve your customer’s experience, increase sales and profits because of customer and competitive info, you can monetize.

Cost Reductions come from reduced subscription fees when replacing unnecessary multiple non-communicating add-ons utilized within your business operation with a single All-In-One ERP solution and more efficient software that caters to your actual business needs. Improving customer processes with upgraded software and equipment, reduces labor redundancy in serving your customers, and the actual costs associated with acceptance of orders and payments. Improved software customer integrations and solutions reduce costs, regulatory compliances, and sensitive data risks by responding to your businesses customer’s types of interactions, purchases, sales, and transactions submitted.

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Credit Card Pricing

Use legal Surcharge or Cash Discount innovations to pass the cost of HIGH VALUE Credit cards and fees to the customer. Or use Cost-Plus and Single Fee pricing options get full transparency of the true costs of processing changes. NO HIDDEN FEES! FULL TRANSPARENCY!


Use your POS, or upgrade POS with the latest technologies, add online capability, using Cost Plus or One Fee pricing.


Attract new customers and turn patrons in to Loyal fans with Onpoint Data Armor using your BIG DATA.

Rapid Advance Merchant CAPITAL

Get funds as soon as next business day with an easy and simple application and quick notification of approval.